9:30 AM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 Attract a Wider Talent Pool by Becoming More Neurodiverse Friendly
feat. Akama Ediomi-Davies, Laura Chamberlain, Lucy Hobbs, Wayne Deakin, Kate Burnett, Matthew Trerise
10:20 AM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 How to Grow Like a "Badass Unicorn"
feat. Alice ter Haar
11:10 AM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 FDX: Future Proofing Brand Decision Making
feat. Julia Ayling, Sophie Harding
1:15 PM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 Once Upon a Choice…
feat. Dan Efergan
2:05 PM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 Membership and Sponsorship: How to stop chasing your scale.
feat. Jonny Kaldor
2:55 PM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 The Future Has Purpose: What Social Good Means For Brand Success
feat. Jason Harris, Lindsay Stein, Rebecca Baron, David Angelo, Gerhard Fourie
3:45 PM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 Difference Matters
feat. Chile Mlemchukwu, Nafisa Bakkar, Tag Warner, John Beardsworth, Lindsey Jordan, Danielle Wootton
4:35 PM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 New Rules of Engagement: 3 Unavoidable Trends for 2019
feat. Meabh Quoirin, Cheryl Calverley
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