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Travel tips, places to stay, and where to explore.

One of the world's most visited cities, London has something for everyone: from history and culture to fine food and good times. We want to help you make the most of your visit without straying too far from the Advertising Week Europe action.

After touching down, we recommend heading straight to one of our luxurious hotel partners listed below. Throughout the week they’ll be offering special rates and provide the perfect base from which to explore London’s cultural and architectural grandeur.


Hotel Partners

Zedwell Piccadilly Hotel (Trocadero)


The new Zedwell Piccadilly Hotel is less than a two minute walk to AWEUROPE's main campus at Picturehouse Central. Recently opened, the hotel is offering special discounted room rates for all attendees.

Zedwell is more than just a hotel brand. It’s a carefully constructed formula. A combination of four key ingredients which we believe are the recipe for the perfect night’s sleep: Silent Night (and Day), Breathe Again, Natural Sleep, Do Not Disturb. Crafted for the perfect night sleep, each Zedwell room has been designed to keep the chaos out and the calmness in.

Crafted using natural oak, dark slate and calm inducing colours, Zedwell rooms have been styled for one single purpose. Soundproofing, exceptional airflow and simplicity all play their parts at Zedwell. As does light. We know the perfect night’s (or day) sleep requires darkness. That’s why in society we heavily invest in blackout blinds, thick curtains and light blocking eye masks. It’s for this same reason we’ve removed windows from guest rooms in Zedwell hotels. So in each and every Zedwell room, time doesn’t control light. You do.

Distance • 45 Meters

1 minute walk

Rates & Inclusions

£130 per night, inc VAT for Single Occupancy
£150 per night, inc VAT for Double Occupancy

How to Book at Zedwell

Use the link below to email reservations. In your email please include:
Your Full Name, Contact Phone Number, and reference AWEUROPE.
A hotel representative will come back to you to confirm your booking and finalize payment.




Once you arrive you’re going to need somewhere to stay. Luckily we’ve partnered with Groupize, a tool to browse and book hotels with Special Negotiated and Best Available Rates closest to Picturehouse Central. Pick what’s right for you and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve got one less thing to think about. A selection of hotels on offer are below.



Travel to London



Curious about the best ways to travel to London on a budget? Studies suggest an average 7 weeks out from your trip is the best time to book. For Advertising Week Europe attendees this means your most likely to maximise value by booking around the week of 29 January 2019.

Transport agnostic? If visiting from Europe, traveling by train can often be a quicker and cheaper option. Avoid airport hassles, security slowdowns and get some work done on the ground whilst taking in some stunning scenery. If you're coming to London from Europe, the Eurostar is perfect.


Sights to See


Enjoy spectacular views of London on the Coco-Cola London Eye, Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel. The famous landmarks to see include Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.


Encompassing many of the neighbourhoods that are likely on your list, we think the West End should be one of your first ports of call. From theatres rivalling Broadway in size and quality, to award-winning restaurants, hotels and shopping, the West End won’t disappoint. We don’t think you’ll run out of things to do either.


Would any trip to London be complete without a visit to the Queen's palace? Buckingham Palace tours give you the chance to see world-famous art, glimpse regal opulence and get inside HRH’s official headquarters. It stands at the end of The Mall, just a stone's throw from Green Park tube station.


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