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Mark de Lange

Mark de Lange founded Ace & Tate in 2013 and resides as the company’s CEO. Apart from his general management role, he is an active force in the brand’s decisions and continues to drive its underlying philosophy: to offer high quality, thoughtfully designed glasses at a fair price. Mark is driven by building a long-lasting, direct-to-consumer brand that places responsible actions at its core.

6 years later, Mark has taken the brand from a start-up to an omnichannel company with over 50 stores in 10 countries across Europe (and counting). Looking to the future his company wide mission is to become the leading eyewear brand for Gen Y & Z, in Mark’s eyes focussing on responsibility is a key initiative to achieve this. Ultimately, he has always aimed to disrupt the eyewear industry, now striving to be a positive engine for change within it.

Besides Ace & Tate, Mark loves music, art, travel, his wife and newborn daughter. When not working you’ll find him amidst concert crowds!
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