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Roshni Garg

Roshni Garg sees herself as a person who absorbs a spectrum of ever changing colors and picks out what is black and white as the voice of New Generation. While she shares her love for culture, music, dance, she also delves into technology (specially creative softwares) with equal love and curiosity. Glamour, functionality and applicable are three words she adheres to.

She is outdoorsy, loves the animal kingdom and is also quite fond of mythology, fiction and everything fantasy. Her definition of perfection is Mother nature and some forms of chocolate. Above all, she is ever curious and always looks forward to learning something new.

Currently studying for an MA in Advertising at London College of Communication, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in fashion communication from the National Institute of Fashion, New Delhi, India. She sees her work as an integral part of her lifestyle and is on a journey of learning and self initiation.
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