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Mohammad Shihadah

Mohammad Shihadah, a co-founder of AppTek with Mr. Yaghi, is currently the Chairman of the Board of the Company. Since 1990, Mr. Shihadah has put his three decades of experience in human language technologies, software design and implementation, and technical consulting to work in growing AppTek into a leader in its field, and his business acumen was vital in the Company’s M&A activities over the years. Mr. Shihadah continues to lead AppTek in developing its speech technology capabilities, helping it expand into live closed captioning and multi-language subtitling, media monitoring solutions, and applying them into mainstream media for companies such as MBC’s Al Arabiya and NBC Universal. He is also the Founder and Chairman of iDenTV, an emerging leader in the application of artificial intelligence to computer vision technologies, and big video data and analytics. In addition to his executive roles, Mr. Shihadah is a board member or adviser of emerging growth technology companies, in
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