Marketing Transformation, or how to build successful FMCG brands

Tuesday, 19 March at 9:15 AM

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In this session...

It’s a tough world out there for FMCG brands. Sarah Dossett, Marketing Director at Danone UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Amanda Farmer, Managing Director at VMLY&R will discuss the important societal and technology shifts behind the rise and fall of FMCG brands.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to successfully tap in changing consumer values and habits?
  2. What does Marketing Transformation mean for your team?
  3. How can agencies and partners best support brands in this transformational challenge?


Amanda Farmer Managing Director VMLY&R
Sarah Dossett Marketing Director UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands Danone

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Event Type Seminar

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