Podcasts: Hitting The Sweet Spot

Thursday, 21 March at 10:55 AM

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In this session...

The Guardian's Head of Audio, Katherine Godfrey will be joined by a panel of advertisers, planners and podcasters to discuss the craft behind audio storytelling, and getting it wrong and right on the journey to the sweet spot.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. An exploration of what makes a podcast commercially viable
  2. What evidence do planners have to justify including a podcast on a media plan?
  3. Lessons from advertisers and podcasters on the craft of audio storytelling
  4. Creative collaboration - what works, and doesn’t, for podcasters working with advertisers and brands.

Presented with


Katherine Godfrey Head of Audio The Guardian
Rhianna Dhillon Podcaster, Broadcaster and Film Critic BBC 6 Music
Joe Copeman UK Country Manager Acast
Elliott Millard Group Managing Partner OMD EMEA
Efe Jerome Founder ShoutOut Network

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Event Type Seminar

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