The Moment of Next: A Psychology-Driven Approach to Ad Effectiveness

In this session...

Even the very best video advertisement misses out on its full potential if it isn’t reaching consumers at the right place and time, and doing so in a brand-safe environment. In this talk, behavioural psychologist Rachel Zalta shares the results of a Taboola-commissioned Nielsen study on the “Moment of Next”––the pivotal consumer moment in which audiences are most open to engaging with your brand message.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How consumers respond differently to the same creative presented in different moments
  2. How to leverage more “Moments of Next” to increase the effectiveness of your video ads
  3. How to apply the brand new insights & best practices established by this Nielsen study to your video strategy

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Rachel Zalta Global Research & Insights Lead Taboola

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Event Type Seminar

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