Steps towards programmatic supply chain transparency

In this session...

Hear about the steps brands, publishers and trade bodies are taking to improve programmatic supply chain transparency, including a world-first study tracing data from high-profile advertisers all the way to premium publishers.

What are the practical lessons for advertisers, agencies, ad-tech and publishers?

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Reminder of key programmatic supply chain challenges
  2. Practical steps being taken by advertisers, agencies, ad-tech and publishers
  3. Trade body activities to improve the supply chain for all participants

Presented with


Steve Chester Director of Media ISBA
Richard Reeves Managing Director AOP
Lisa Walker Head of Media and Sponsorship Vodafone
Sarah Mansfield VP Global Media Europe and Americas Unilever
Sam Tomlinson Partner, Marketing & Media Assurance PwC

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Event Type Seminar

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