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The threat DTC brands pose to legacy brands has been one of the hottest topics over the past 12 months. However, whilst dealing with disruption is high on everyone’s agenda, few multinationals are succeeding at becoming more disruptive and seeing off the threat from newcomers because they falsely believe challengers can only be start-ups and can’t see the way forward to being more challenger. They need a roadmap to being more challenger, which is what this session will provide.

Drawing on insights from Overthrow II (co-authored by PHD and eatbigfish), Rebecca Burchnall, Joint Head of Planning, PHD UK and a panel of new breed challengers will show how businesses of all sizes and guises can tap into the largely untapped superpower of being a challenger to get ahead of current – and future – competitors.

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  1. Why being a challenger is about a mindset not your shape or size
  2. How to develop a challenger mindset
  3. How a well-established brand of over 30 years can adopt a challenger attitude meaningfully
  4. Why focusing on being creative over being relevant is more important
  5. What kind of creative thinking is needed and how to stimulate it
  6. Why some brands conquer and why others fail at challenging the status quo
  7. What are the commonalities challenger brands use to fuel their extraordinary growth

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Rebecca Burchnall Joint Head of Planning PHD UK
Tom Thirlwall CEO COPA90
Chris Pitt CMO HSBC UK
Emily Horswell Strategy Director eatbigfish

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