How your brand can cut through the rainbow this Pride

Wednesday, 20 March at 2:55 PM

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In this session...

This session will share key lessons from each of our speakers on their experience of Pride and advice for brands planning their LGBT+ Pride Month activity this June. An essential session for any brand who wants to activate successfully at Pride 2019.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Advice for brands planning their LGBT+ Pride Month activity this June
  2. How to build real connections with LGBT+ audiences
  3. How to fight LGBT+ stigma at a global level, and do it with authenticity
  4. How can the creative industry can forge better connections between businesses and a community that historically has been ignored, misrepresented, and, more recently, leveraged with cynicism


Jan Gooding Chair Stonewall
Tag Warner CEO Gay Times
Captain Jamie Carrahar Chair LGBT+ Forum British Army
Matthew Waksman Planning Director Karmarama

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Event Type Workshop

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