Born Online: how Direct to Consumer brands are reshaping retail

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Over the last decade, the UK retail industry has seen the rise of new, innovative brands that aren’t afraid to disrupt the status quo and do things differently. These brands – like eve, Thread and Bloom & Wild – are born online, build direct relationships with their loyal customer bases and put data and personalisation at the heart of what they do. They are Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands.

Hear from Kate Huang, CMO, Callaly, the femcare brand and Tom Wallis, CMO, Gousto, the recipe box brand - both award-winning, sustainable businesses who are shaking things up in the retail sector. View Less

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  1. It’s no secret that the digital landscape is changing. Part of the IAB’s role is to explore the evolving shape of the industry, identify opportunities and equip our members for the future.
  2. As the landscape changes, heads and headlines are turning towards the growth of direct to consumer (DTC) brands.
  3. Digital sits firmly at the heart of the way these brands communicate, deliver and even make their products. They are born and thrive online.

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Sophia Haynes Director of Campaigns IAB UK
Tom Wallis Chief Marketing Officer Gousto
Kate Huang Chief Marketing Officer Callaly

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