Building long-term brands in a short-term race

In this session...

In a fast-paced market focused on short-term results, what is the role of ‘brand’? With attention splintering, how can media planning keep up? For heritage brands, how do history and legacy interplay?

Beth Horn, Facebook’s Head of Industry for Retail & Ecommerce, will explore this with one of the UK’s most established retailers. In conversation with Helen Normoyle, Marketing Director of Boots UK, she will discuss how Boots continues to evolve as the anchor of the high street.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learn about brand building 2.0
  2. Reflect on the changing ways marketers need to consider brands in a world of splintered attention
  3. Hear from Boots UK on what they're doing

Presented with


Beth Horn Head of Industry for Retail & Ecommerce Facebook
Helen Normoyle Marketing Director UK & ROI Boots

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Event Type Seminar

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