When Brand Safety Met The UN Human Rights Council - The Economics of Hate

In this session...

The UN Secretary General has recognised that fear is the “best-selling brand in the world today… It gets ratings. It wins votes. It generates clicks”. With over $600 billion spent on advertising globally every year #TogetherWeCAN make a difference in tackling the spread of hate speech and fake news. Members of the Conscious Advertising Network will share what they learnt from the unusual opportunity to discuss the topic at the UN Human Rights Council, and what advertisers can do to really make this change.

A more conscious approach by advertisers represents a key aspect in effectively tackling the funding and spread of xenophobia, racism, religious hatred, anti-migrant narratives and other content inciting hatred against people based on discriminatory grounds, and help ensure stronger support for accurate and responsible journalism. As an industry we are starting to talk about these issues but in this session we'll hear more about their wider impact and what further needs to be done.

In the UK, much progress has been achieved: the newly-launched Global Alliance for Responsible Media brings together leading advertisers, agencies, media companies, and industry bodies to address “dangerous, hateful, disruptive and fake content”. The Conscious Advertising Network, which also launched last year, is a voluntary coalition of over 30 organisations set up to ensure that industry ethics catches up with the technology of modern advertising. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Understand the true societal impact of brand safety concerns
  2. Discuss the progress made so far against hate speech & fake news
  3. Explore the UNs position and interest in this space
  4. Look at how marketers can ultimately better support fundamental human rights
  5. Hear practical steps on how you can improve your company's own approach
  6. Better understand initiatives such as CAN, GARM and Outvertising which are tackling the issue

Presented with


Jerry Daykin Senior Media Director GSK Consumer Healthcare
Tracy De Groose Executive Chair Newsworks
Amir Malik Global Head of Digital Marketing Accenture Interactive
Jake Dubbins Co-Chair Conscious Advertising Network
Pia Oberoi Advisor on Migration and Human Rights Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

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