Discover Talk: Ethics, Innovation and Advertising

In this session...

With media spend accounting for 90 percent of a brand’s advertising budget – a lot of which has inadvertently funded fake news scandals, ad fraud and hate speech – shouldn’t marketers now move to act as conscious consumers, choiceful in how and where they place their media spend? What if they could even spend those dollars in a way that is not just neutral, but actually adds positive impact in the world?

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Can media spend be used consciously, ethically, as part of a brand's commitment to purposeful marketing?
  2. How Unilever is doing just that, via ethical ad player Good-Loop - with results that will be shared.
  3. Ethical media spend leads to not only 50-75% better online engagement, but also a measurable increase in purchase intent

Presented with


Julia Hitchman Head of Brand + Agency Partnerships Good-Loop
Margarida Pinheiro Global Assistant Brand Manager Unilever

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