Privacy, Personalisation, and Provenance: Blockchain to the Rescue

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Privacy-by-design is no longer a luxury but an imminent necessity. As the marketing industry braces itself in search of a viable alternative with an altogether new internet infrastructure, Max Kantelia, CEO and Co-Founder at Anquan Capital and Co-Founder at Zilliqa; Gowthaman Ragothaman, Aqilliz CEO; and David J. Moore, BritePool CEO, will discuss some of the potential alternatives blockchain can bring to the table with a specific focus on privacy, personalisation, and the much-needed provenance of data.

Amid the rise of data compliance frameworks like GDPR or CCPA, data protection is the name of the game, and advancements in emerging technologies are posing feasible solutions for the digital marketing ecosystem. Despite criticisms of blockchain’s fit for implementation, mature enhancements are now on the rise as “layer-2 solutions”, enabling today’s platforms to scale in line with enterprise needs, designed to address perennial challenges in the marketing ecosystem today. This discussion will focus on uncovering potential benefits of layer-2 applications that enable federated learning and differential privacy, without compromising on scalability, security and decentralisation. View Less

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  1. Go beyond the jargon: the relevance of blockchain, the wider distributed ledger technology ecosystem, and why they have a lot to offer to the marketing industry
  2. As the Internet gets ready for a world beyond cookies, understand why federated learning will soon become one of the most important processes and tools for marketers today
  3. The realities of privacy compliance: why mere anonymisation is not enough to ensure that the data owner, controller or the processor is abiding by privacy frameworks
  4. Redefining “Privacy-by-design”: the ability to provide provenance on what has been done with an individual’s data and providing it on demand

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Gowthaman Ragothaman CEO Aqilliz
David J. Moore CEO BritePool
Max Kantelia CEO and Co-Founder Anquan Capital

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Event Type Seminar

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