The Marketing Society’s Gemma Greaves Shares her Top Picks


Only two weeks to go until Advertising Week Europe! Have you started browsing the programme and planning your daily agenda yet?

We asked The Marketing Society's Gemma Greaves what her top pick seminars are this year to help you narrow down your list. Enjoy!

Monday, 16th March
Corporate meltdown: How Burger King lit a fire under the plastic debate
11:00 AM Impact Makers Stage

Never one to shy away from bold promotion, Burger King UK turned up the heat on the fast food industry in September 2019 when it announced that it would not only stop giving away toys with its kids’ meals, but also melt down plastic meal toys for good (even those of its competitors). The resulting ‘Meltdown’ campaign garnered significant media attention with 8 billion impressions, saved 320 tonnes of plastic going to landfills and – most importantly – prompted similar sustainability efforts amongst the competition.

Join Jones Knowles Ritchie’s Managing Director, Jonny Spindler, and Burger King UK’s Marketing Director, Katie Evans, for a fireside chat about how to lead radical change within an established industry, develop a resonate purpose campaign, and contribute to new, more sustainable solutions long-term.

Discover talk: why it’s time inclusion drove brand purpose – with Creative Equals
1:25 PM Impact Makers Stage

This is the new revolution. If brands have a purpose in society, then it's time diversity was intrinsic to this conversation. A brand's role must be to also drive diversity, inclusion and equality.

How brand identity, clear purpose and inspired culture play a key role in business success
1:55 PM Impact Makers Stage

Purpose can serve as a north star, guiding business and inspiring people, but it’s not enough to have an ethos and point of view. Brands have to deliver on a stated purpose—and that starts from the inside, with the employees. Join Harry’s in conversation with a panel of experts to discuss the importance of purpose integration within the culture of the workplace.
Tuesday, 17th March
No Bullsh*t Leadership workshop
9:25 AM Workshop Stage 7

In this workshop, bestselling author Chris Hirst, explores his theory that leadership is not some exclusive club, open only to elites. Leadership is what we all try to do every day. It will deliver a step-by-step working manual on how to lead – for anyone. Attendees will emerge with a clear understanding of culture and its importance, of how to confidently make decisions, and how to create the right environment to outperform the competition.

Tell us a secret with The Marketing Society
1:00 PM Story Crafters Stage

Join us to hear the never-heard-before secrets of three successful leaders.

Hosted by The Marketing Society’s chief executive Gemma Greaves, three top marketers will reveal the secrets of their success – the good and the bad - in a no holds barred conversation.

Esports: what is it and why is it important to my brand?
3:55 PM Insight Drivers Stage

Esports, everyone is talking about it, but what are the realities behind the hype? Who is the audience, and what are best practices to engage with them? Are programs working? And how do you justify it to senior leadership?

Nathan Lindberg from Twitch’s sponsorship team will moderate a chat with brands who have taken the plunge and invested in the space. You’ll learn some of their campaign best practices as well as pitfalls they’ve encountered along the way. Attendees will leave educated and empowered to make esports a successful part of their marketing mix.
Thursday, 19th March
Discover Talk: The Great Man Rebalance
9:00 AM Impact Makers Stage

Why brands need to remind men they are great rather than trying to get them to admit why they are not.

We have entered an age of self depreciation to such a degree that we risk men becoming victims of their own self loathing. Advertisers and publishers need to be better at championing men and women equally, breaking down existing stereotypes and making society more confident to have open discussion - men, women and non binary need to be on an equal footing to create an equal society so what can brands do to foster this and how can publishers help.

A Creative Emergency: How can our industry act on climate change?
9:55 AM Insight Drivers Stage

If it were a country, the internet would be the 6th greatest emitter of greenhouse gases. As we all commit to act on climate change, how can we join forces to put greener practices in place? From big industry challenges, such as mapping the carbon footprint of digital value chains, to personal changes such as cleaner travel on holiday. We'll also hear how and why's new Future Planet website is counting carbon and speak to David Attenborough's right-hand man about the galvanizing impact of Blue Planet II.

The future of work is human
12:00 PM Impact Makers Stage

2020 is here. We leave behind the noughties, a decade marked by the plague of email, smartphones, social media, stress and in the worst cases work-related burn-out.

A new dawn is here. One where we all discuss our mental health openly at work, where we increasingly feel more comfortable bringing our true selves to work. We recognise that not all tech is good for us. Inclusion is no longer a HR box but a business imperative. We are all different. The future of work is kinder, it's empathic, inclusive. It is human.

Everything is a placebo.
2:00 PM Story Crafters Stage

In every case we react to stimuli not in response to what they are, but in a constructed emotional response to what we believe they mean. This glorious failure of objectivity is usually viewed as a human failing, and (certainly in the case of pharmacological research) we seek to correct for it. But is this wrong? Can a little benign shamanism be used to solve problems which continue to stump rational engineers and economists.

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