TechX Returns to #AWEurope at Picturehouse


Advertising Week Europe is pleased to announce the return of our technology start-up showcase, TechX, presented by The Telegraph Technology Intelligence. TechX will be held throughout the Week on the 1st floor of Picturehouse Central, beginning Monday, 18 March 2019.

Featuring some of the most innovating startups in the region, TechX highlights the amazing new technologies we’ll likely be using in the decade to come. Open to all Advertising Week Europe delegates, TechX is a remarkable hands-on journey through interactive installations, innovations, and bleeding edge tech advancements, which include haptics, holograms, AI, VR, and AR. Throughout the Week, Delegates will have the chance to go on contextualized tours of TechX, bringing them insights about what these technologies represent and how to use this innovative technology to access today's hard-to-reach consumers for your business.

New this year, the TechX Live Stage, Presented by The Telegraph Technology Intelligence, will feature presentations from TechX exhibitors discussing their technologies for attending Advertising Week Europe delegates. We encourage all delegates to see the schedule on-site and mark their diaries for this can’t-miss opportunity to learn about the future of technology.

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