#AWEurope Recap: Winnie Harlow in Conversation with Snap


Snap brought supermodel and activist Winne Harlow to Advertising Week Europe to discuss her journey to superstardom, the impact of social media on her career – and why she does not like being called a ‘role model’.

The discussion spanned Winnie’s views on young people and self-confidence, speaking about childhood, the inspiration she draws from her mother and her grandmother, and how we was discovered as a top model.

The session focused on Winnie’s mission for empowering young girls and her dislike for rigid beauty standard and the pressure on people to conform. She spoke about her hesitancy on being labelled a ‘role model’ due to the connotations of emulation that she does not feel young people should strive for, and spoke to the power of Snapchat to allow her to demonstrate her true self to her fans. Winnie also touched on the negatives of social media and how it can distract young people from valuable moments spent with friends and family, and the dangers of trying to copy and compete with others they see on social media.

Watch the full session here: http://europe.advertisingweek.com/watch/-snap-seminar-2019-03-19-1115

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