#AWEurope Recap: Creativity - The Secret Sauce to Profitability


At Advertising Week Europe this week. Iconic photographer Rankin joined Benny Thompson, Head of The Scottish National Investment Bank, sat down for a discussion with Oystercatcher CEO Suki Thompson.

The conversation began with a question about how creativity can support bottom-line business needs and how can get lost in a world obsessed with big-data, tech-driven digital media.

The panel highlighted the importance of authenticity and how – in their creative work – they’ve always tried to honour originality, diversity, and creative integrity.

Another key issue was the role of social media and big data shaping the way brands approach consumers and how the demographic approach has become outmoded in the fast-paced, constantly scrolling world.

Psychographic marketing is now possible and respects the values of each individual consumer – but the panel also highlighted the dangers of social media in damaging self-esteem and perceptions of beauty through Photoshop and face-tuning.

Interested in hearing more? Stream the full session here: http://europe.advertisingweek.com/watch/-centaur-seminar-2019-03-19-1515

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