#AWEurope Recap: Chuka Umunna


Chuka Umunna, spokesperson for the Independent Group took part in a special session at Advertising Week Europe yesterday alongside Sky News Business Presenter, Ian King.

A really great session that delved into everything from the forming of the Independent Group to Chuka’s view on the future of British Politics and Brexit.

The need to no longer view political leaders as almighty deity’s or ‘messiah-like’ beings is a necessary step that Political parties must take to progress according to Chuka. Instead, he believes they should opt for a parliament that gets rid of the old and is in with the new, quite controversially suggesting that the Houses of Parliament be turned into a museum.

Continuing on his insightful interview, when asked about regulation in Advertising, Chuka spoke about the need for improvements on this front as the systems that are currently in place are not working.

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