Announcing Advertising Week Europe 2020 Stage Themes!


#AWEurope returns to Picturehouse Central 16 – 19 March 2020. Our daytime seminars and workshops featuring industry leading speakers will address all things advertising; from the exciting to the terrifying. Join us for networking opportunities and world-class evening entertainment, you won't want to miss this extraordinary experience back for the eighth year in a row.

Below we have outlined for you our #AWEurope 2020 stage themes that will help you level-up your career. Calling all Story Crafters, Ad Shapers, Impact Makers, Tech Stars, and Insight Drivers
Story Crafters is your one-stop-shop for cutting edge thought leadership. On this stage you’ll hear from some of the greatest minds from within and outside our industry. Find out what makes our leaders tick, what excites them about the future and how we can all become impact makers.

Hear from brand and agency leaders on their views on the next evolution of the advertising agency. Discover how creativity is being shaped by technological advancements, challenge your conceptions about e-gamers and find out how to make a sonic boom! Get ready for full day tracks including New Business Models. & DTC, Adventures in Audio, TV & Entertainment, and Future of Creativity.

We live in challenging times. ‘Normal’ is constantly evolving and we all strive to keep up with a world that is changing below our feet. But change we must and change we should. The time for debate is largely over, now is the time for action. Hear from those who are leading the way. This is a stage with action at its heart. Enjoy full day tracks focused on Business with Purpose, Diverse Minds, Future is Female, and Future of Work.

Technology is pushing the industry forward more than any other force. From automated processes to smart objects, the possibilities for brands are practically endless. But within this range of possibilities are also risks, like issues of brand safety, fraud and the potential for robots and other technologies to threaten creativity. Open your mind to the possibilities with tracks featuring Digital sruptors, AI & AdTech, Beyond Retail and Future of MarTech.

The ad industry has always been one routed in science, data and insight. Understanding consumers from a psychological point of view is key to success. Appreciating their habits, views and intentions has never been more important, while changes in how we handle data create new challenges. Join us as we peer into the future. Discover full day tracks in Science of Advertising, Audience Makers, Dataheads, and Future Finders.

On this stage we’ll be debating key industry trends and issues through roundtables and townhalls that explore how to resolve key issues with lively and interactive moderated and resolution-focussed discussion. Offering interactive and involving conversations; we’ll be exploring case studies, research studies, and offering suggestions on how to apply findings to your work and day-to-day.


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