8 Years of #AWEurope


We asked our partners, delegates and advisory council for the favourite memories from AWEurope events as we head into year 8. Here’s what they said:

1) When I think back on 8 years... I think of winding around the staircase at BAFTA. While I loved those days, and being part of something that was really trying something new, it’s come a long way.

2) I’ll never forget Nile Rodgers performance at Somerset House. Amazing venue, and amazing performance.

3) The opening gala at St Paul’s Cathedral in year one. Looking back I remember thinking how critical it was we come together. But that need has only grown.  

4) One of my favourite memories was at Southwark Cathedral when the entire place was adorned with Game of Thrones, which at the time was the most popular show on TV. I walked in, and there in front of me was the iron throne. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know it was possible to go into Southwark Cathedral.

5) The year Jon Batiste & Stay Human came and played a New Orleans style love riot throughout the venue. I think of it every time I see the Colbert show.

6) The buzz of the breakfast at Ronnie Scott’s, always a highlight for me.

7) The special night at the Orangery celebrating female talent. Before that was the trendy event to be hosting.

8) Hearing Al Gore speak was my favourite memory. His passion to get the industry behind the fight was palpable. It took a few years, but I’m glad to see so much focus on the climate on the programme this year. I remember him shouting, “the time is now!”

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