Impact Makers

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Impact Makers goes deep into thought leadership with social good at the core. Now more important than ever, brands must stand for something to generate and maintain loyalty. And businesses on the whole need to embrace their role in society and take on the responsibility to make change. Get inspired by four days of content on diversity, empowerment, purpose, and civic engagement.




2018 was a grand step in the right direction for diversity across many categories. Conversations unrelentingly appeared front and center and garnered movements too big to ignore. How can brands tap into this, and what’s next on the diversity agenda to create a more inclusive society for all?


Companies are waking up to the well-documented notion that a workforce better matching our society’s vast diversity is not only socially responsible, but a critical factor for business performance and growth. Across a range of talks, learn how you can move from surface-deep and check-boxing to genuine company-wide change.


Brand purpose has shifted from an afterthought to an attribute ignored at your peril. Learn from the branding experts translating company mantras into tangible examples of purpose that empower customers and employees.


Community involvement has shifted from afterthought to top of mind as people are looking to use products and services that will help them lead more impactful lives. This track will showcase the very best, and how marketers and brands are creating societal shockwaves.

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