Company Marketing Intelligence Software
Employees 40
HQ London
GEEIQ is a London-based data platform and insights provider that enables some of the world's biggest brands, including H&M, L'Oreal, and even Elton John, to navigate the metaverse and the wider virtual landscape. We empower brands of every shape and size to create long-term, data-led virtual strategies that enrich the experience of untapped virtual communities, grow addressable audiences, and create sustainable revenue streams in this new marketing and communications vertical.

Our platform leverages data from across the vast landscape of virtual gaming and social environments to enable benchmarking against branded virtual activations, competitor analysis, partner and influencer identification, as well as a deeper understanding of audience affinities and demographics.

For our Premium and Enterprise subscribers, our in-house experts provide bespoke reporting and long-term virtual strategy curation that are focused on tangible measurement and attribution, rather than positive PR and metaverse ‘hype’.

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Charles Hambro
Charles Hambro
CEO & Co-Founder
Charles is CEO and Co-Founder of GEEIQ, a data platform and insights provider that empowers brands such as Walmart, L'Oréal, Gucci and even Elton John, to create long-term virtual strategies.

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