9:00 AM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 What Women Want: How Smart Brands Are Responding
feat. Bart Michels, Kate Dale, Caitlin Ryan, Isabel Ferrer, Aideen Clarke, Amy Cashman, Kate Waters, Megan Van Someren, Malcolm D'Sa, Joe Mongognia , Jessica Parr, Hannah Robbins
12:00 PM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 The Future Of Advertising Regulation In The UK
feat. Guy Parker
1:15 PM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 The Making of Ideas
feat. Chris Harris, Heather MacRae, Naomi Desalegene, Rob Jones, Roopi Harrison, Sali Horsey, Zoe Nash
2:05 PM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 Beyond Byron, Binet And Bytes
feat. Geoff de Burca, Lindsey Jordan, Steve Gladdis, Rosie Hanley
2:55 PM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 Alexa or Alex? Our subconscious response to the gender of voice assistants
feat. Jeremy Pounder, Heather Andrew
3:45 PM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 More Than Meets the Eye: Demanding More of Digital Ad Measurements
feat. Steve Machin, Patrick Fuller, Martin Salo, Seun Odeneye
4:35 PM  ●  Workshop Stage 7 From Macro To Nano Influencers: Leveraging Influence At Scale
feat. Dominic Haley, Jon Vlassopulos, Leila Fataar , Ian Samuel
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