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Hannah Anderson

After starting the company in 2014, their power over social conversations led media outlets like Huffington Post to call them the “social media illuminati” and Buzzfeed to state “they can make anything the number one trend in under thirty minutes”. Hannah has been listed in Vogue’s 25 most influential women in Britain.

Hannah is the Director of Media, Creative and Brand Strategy at Media Chain, part of Social Chain Group, one of the world’s most influential social media publishing houses. As part of the three individuals who first started the Manchester-based business, they have now grown to over 260 employees with offices in New York, London and Berlin. The communities she has created have now grown to 75million followers, their engagement ratios make them the most engaged social media portfolio in the world.

Today Media Chain control over 100 channels across major consumer passion points including sport, fitness, food and lifestyle. Hannah oversees a team of fifty who are focused on growing new media platforms. They created one of the first ever live Facebook photos which hit 100million views within 24hours.

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