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John Allison MSc, MA, FRGS

John retired from the British Army in 2012 having completed 24 years of service, primarily in the field of bomb disposal, counter-terrorist search and intelligence. He deployed to Bosnia as a bomb disposal engineer and has extensive Northern Ireland experience in a counter-terrorist search and intelligence capacity. Prior to retiring, he went on to serve in various other high-threat locations.
John now works as a health and well being manager for Momentum Worldwide. He also operates as a consultant, helping companies to roll out health and well being schemes, advising on best practice and implementation. In his spare time he's a volunteer verifier for the Greater London Authority's healthy workplace charter scheme. He's passionate about the importance of outdoor fitness, training in nature as a means to improve mental and physical well being.


Mental Strength Through Military Training

Monday, 20 March at 12:30 PM ● Shutterstock Stage

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