The future of work is human

In this session...

2020 is here. We leave behind the noughties, a decade marked by the plague of email, smartphones, social media, stress and in the worst cases work-related burn-out.

A new dawn is here. One where we all discuss our mental health openly at work, where we increasingly feel more comfortable bringing our true selves to work. We recognise that not all tech is good for us. Inclusion is no longer a HR box but a business imperative. We are all different. The future of work is kinder, it's empathic, inclusive. It is human.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. You will hear progressive ideas about the future of our work, and what we can all do to liberate ourselves from unhelpful processes, attitudes or systems.
  2. You will hear about how the future of work must be inclusive (not only is it better for those who work, it leads to better business results).
  3. You will come away inspired as to how to implement change in your own organisation.

Presented with


Bruce Daisley VP EMEA Twitter
Laura Jordan-Bambach Creative Partner Mr President
Adah Parris Futurist Adah
Jeff Ingold Head of Media Stonewall
James Ashall Director, Diageo in Society Diageo

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Event Type Seminar

Track  Future of Work  

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