Identity in a cookieless environment

In this session...

As the industry moves away from third-party cookies, what’s in store for identity and audience targeting? Will the industry gain true vision on a solution or will advertisers and publishers lose focus of their audiences? In this panel, we’ll hear from Rubicon Project’s, Head of Seller Team, Rebecca Ackers and different voices in the market on how the programmatic ad industry stands to shift as concerns over data privacy increase and third-party cookies crumble, but personalized ad engagements become table stakes.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How the cookie-based system evolved and what will happen to programmatic advertising as cookies crumble
  2. Identity and how the new era of collaboration across independent tech companies will transform to ensure better monetization opportunities for publishers outside of the walled gardens
  3. Recent industry developments impacting performance and tracking via cookies
  4. Short term and long term solutions for identity to benefit both buyers and sellers
  5. The future of programmatic without cookies

Presented with


Rebecca Ackers Head of Seller, UK & Nordics Rubicon Project
Cadi Jones Commercial Director, EMEA Beeswax
Joanna Burton Chief Strategy Officer ID5
Daniel Knapp Chief Economist IAB Europe
Ben Walmsley Digital Commercial Director News UK

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Event Type Seminar

Track  AdTech  

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