We have a drinking problem

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“Hello, I’m the Ad Industry and I have a drinking problem.”
Legendary tales of ‘crazy, booze-fuelled’ lunches and nights out are as commonplace in the UK advertising industry as they are in the rock ‘n’ roll history books. In a market where building deep and positive relationships can often underpin our successes, are we being mindful enough in the ever-present role that alcohol plays?

Around 20% of the population don’t drink at all – and this figure is increasing among young people in particular. ‘Mindful drinking’ is a positive movement propelled by consumer demand, communities such as ‘Club Soda’ and the growth of books and resources supporting changes in drinking behaviour.

Join Project 23 for this lively and (extremely) honest panel discussion exploring different perspectives of the use of alcohol and social drinking to build relationships in business. Who is excluded and what can be gained from more mindful drinking? What can we do to be more inclusive and what can we suggest besides ‘going for a drink’ which still develops those those all-important working relationships?

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Track  Diverse Minds  

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