From Data-Driven to Choice-First: The Biggest Shift In Digital Advertising Since The Creation Of The Internet?

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We live in a trusted digital economy, where consumers are empowered by the abundant choices and control that they have on mobile. Strange then, that consumers still don't have choice and control over their data or digital advertising experience.

In the wake of high-profile data scandals consumers are cynical and mistrustful towards digital advertising, now aware of the deceit that underpinned digital advertising for decades. Governments are starting to intervene when industries put themselves before the people they profit from. No surprise then that new privacy regulations have made using non-compliant data punishable by law.

The industry is now shifting from ‘data-driven’ to ‘choice-first’.

Join Ogury in this session, as we provide you with a fundamental overview of the shift that’s transforming digital marketing as we know it, how you can respond and the tools you need to adapt and reap business rewards.

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