D&I means Diversity and Individuality: how your organisation can up the ante for true inclusion

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Our industry is failing our diverse workforce by ignoring people’s individual needs and outlooks. Banish the tick-box approach and learn how to drive forward inclusion with intersectionality.

Adland’s 88% white workforce is proof that our industry’s D&I initiatives aren’t working. Current thinking usually places employees in neat, one-dimensional boxes: working parent, BAME, LGBTQ+. The truth is that we are one or more of these things, and that within each of our categories rests the human, messy truth of experience. You have a religion, but you may not be religious. You’re neuroatypical and also BAME. The combinations are endless. The key to true inclusion, NABS argues, is to recognise each individual’s parts to make up their whole and to create suitably accommodating activities and structures at work. Prepare to come away equipped with an understanding of what you need to do to drive forward true D&I in your organisation.

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