Great Minds Morning Debate: "Podcasts Will Kill the Radio Star"

In this session...

With Intelligence Squared.

Watch some of adland’s greatest minds battle it out as they debate some of the industry’s most burning questions, before the motion is opened to the audience to vote on. Who will be victorious?

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The audience will gain a fast and strong sense of just how significant podcast growth will be in the coming years
  2. The audience will learn how big the prize is - the enormous commercial radio market in the US, UK and beyond - and whether podcasting is really set to take a significant chunk of that prize
  3. The audience will learn what radio is doing to combat the threat from podcasting, and what podcasters are doing to further take audience from radio

Presented with


Matt McAllester CEO Intelligence Squared
Steve Ackerman Managing Director Somethin' Else
Susie Warhurst Director of Content Acast UK

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Event Type Seminar

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