Measuring Impact: Tying Social Advertising to Real-World ROI

Monday, 19 March at 1:30 PM

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Digital marketers are constantly looking for ways to accurately measure the impact of online advertising efforts, tying campaign results back to real-world ROI. However, the digital path to purchase has become more complex, since consumers often engage with brands at several touch points before deciding to buy. Success is often a product of both advertising efforts and non-quantifiable factors such as price point, trends, and seasonality. Is the idea that we can fully understand the true value of social advertising, and attribute credit accordingly, an illusion?

Panelists from Adaptly and Asda will discuss:
• The increasingly complex path to conversion and how this affects the way we measure and attribute impact
• How to leverage a multi-touch attribution solution to optimise planning and buying across the media mix
• How the instant campaign insight available on social platforms can be used to drive improved results
• The role of third-party measurement providers and how they can help advertisers optimise current and future campaigns

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