Unwrapping Christmas: How To Win Hearts, Minds & Wallets At The Most Competitive Time of The Year

Wednesday, 20 March at 4:30 PM

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In this session...

Christmas dominates the agenda for many advertisers and creating an impact at this time of year is often critical for both the brand and business. Manning Gottlieb OMD will give look back at what has driven success and helped businesses like John Lewis, Waitrose, Starbucks and Age UK succeed at this pivotal time of year. Sharing their view on the principles that made a difference and form the foundations of their thinking each year.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Thinking Beyond the Asset
  2. Being Screen Smart
  3. Using Smart Data to make Smart Decisions


Clare Peters Chief Business Strategist Manning Gottlieb OMD
David Bratt Executive Director, Head of Retail Manning Gottlieb OMD

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