Experiential Marketing: The most powerful brand building tool in your arsenal

Monday, 19 March at 4:15 PM

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In this session...

The value of experiential marketing has never been greater for brands than in this hyper-digital age. Technology is pushing us away from real human engagement and online communications feel inauthentic, leaving consumers with a thirst for tangible connections. There is great opportunity in creating experiences that resonate with consumers, ignite their senses, and forge meaningful bonds between consumers and brands. In this session, we’ll explore the importance of these experiences and provide insight on how to build them.

Join Jessica Reznick, Managing Director of leading experiential marketing firm, We’re Magnetic; Charles Spence, University of Oxford Professor of Experimental Psychology; and Raquel Bubar, Director of The New York Times T Brand Studio; in a discussion moderated by AWE Perspectives creator Katie Kempner. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why and how experiential marketing is a powerful brand building tool today.
  2. How to build meaningful connections with consumers via experiential marketing efforts.
  3. How brand and agency teams can best collaborate and develop experiences with maximum impact.

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Katie Kempner Creator & Host Perspectives
Jessica Reznick Managing Director We're Magnetic
Raquel Bubar Director, T Brand Studio International The New York Times
Charles Spence Professor of Experimental Psychology Oxford University

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