Discover Talk: How will AI technologies drive growth for brands through valued and valuable experiences?

In this session...

Over the last two years, OMD has surveyed over 30,000 people across 13 global markets on their adoption, trust and usage of AI technologies and what this means for how they shop for goods and services.

It is no longer if and when, but when and how people are using AI to enhance their daily lives.

New technologies from the telegraph to mobile phones have disrupted the way we communicate and make our purchase decisions. The past few years have seen a host of technologies built around AI such as voice assistants, computer vision and autonomous agents. These are now breaking through into the mainstream. The services they deliver are set to drive the next wave of disruption. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Insight into key European cities and those consumers' differing views of AI and Voice adoption
  2. The issues around trust and how to address those
  3. The most consistently popular usages of Voice in retail categories

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Emma Ramsay Managing Partner - Marketing Intelligence OMD
Jean-Paul Edwards Chief Product Development Officer OMD

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Event Type Discover Talk

Track  Beyond Retail  

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