Grow like a Badass Unicorn: What I Know Now

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Do you want to experience personal rocket ship growth like that of a unicorn ($1b) scale-up? After four years at one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, Deliveroo, Alice will share what individuals can learn about their own growth from the world’s most exciting businesses. In this interactive and practical workshop delegates will explore the most important ingredient to personal and professional success - themselves! You will embark on a 45 min journey of self-awareness and self-empowerment where we’ll look at how our unique strengths, values, self-limiting beliefs and goals can enable us to live the life we aspire to and are capable of. The output? The self-awareness and motivation to take your potential by the (unicorn) horn by being your most badass self.

In this talk, Alice will share the good, bad and the downright ugly from her personal growth journey - she's spent over 10 years in high-growth businesses, and alongside her role at Deliveroo, she runs a personal development consultancy where she's a highly regarded keynote speaker, trainer, and blogger.


Alice Ter Haar Senior Manager, EU marketing Deliveroo

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