Curious Conversations: The Global Crisis of Trust

Monday, 19 March at 12:00 PM

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In this session...

Who can you trust? It all used to be so easy to work out who the good guys were, but today’s world appears plagued by distrust and suspicion, with consumers making startling changes in who they listen to and why. Join this conversation to find out what’s really happening in people’s minds with Carol Potter from Edelman, Twitter’s Dara Nasr and Bobby Duffy from Ipsos, hosted by The Week’s Kerin O’Connor.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How the role of trust in society is shifting and what this means for the media industry and its clients.
  2. How should companies respond to these new internal and external pressures, and where does this all lead?
  3. The profound shift in national attitudes to trust in different areas.
  4. What the role of platforms, agencies and media owners is in regaining public trust.

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Kerin O'Connor Chief Executive The Week
Bobby Duffy Managing Director Ipsos
Dara Nasr Managing Director, UK Twitter
Carol Potter President & CEO, Europe Edelman Europe

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