Briefing at 8: Advertising and the new world order

In this session...

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In the past three years the rules of global politics and economics have been rewritten. In 2020 Trump is seeking a second term and Britain is dealing with leaving the EU and working out how we trade with the rest of the world. The uncertainty we are living through shows no signs of abating.
Who better than our panel of BBC journalists and industry figures to help you unpack it all and look at what it means for advertisers and publishers.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What is the current state of play in March 2020?
  2. How is the advertising industry holding up against a backdrop of political and economic uncertainty?
  3. What could happen next and how will it affect your business?

Presented with


Geeta Guru-Murthy Journalist and presenter BBC News
Christian Fraser Journalist and presenter BBC News
Andrea Catherwood Journalist and presenter of The Media Show on BBC Radio 4 BBC

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