Unswerving courage – the story of Billy Monger

In this session...

This intimate one to one conversation with Champion Racing Driver Billy Monger following his recovery from the accident in which he lost both of his legs, will cover the courage and positive outlook he utilises as he continues to win in the world of racing.

Hear how Billy changed the rules of motorsport and learnt to drive (and compete again), all while coming to terms with life as a disabled person – a term which Billy remains reluctant to accept.

Billy’s heart-warming and inspirational story is about the incredible will of an individual and also the extraordinary support Billy’s family provided during the toughest time of their lives. As leaders it has something to teach as all about recovering from setbacks and learning how the mind can recover the body.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Understand the true meaning of personal courage
  2. Appreciate how determination and passion can challenge and change historical beliefs and laws
  3. Be inspired by how your team and/or family can be critical in your success
  4. Hear how mental strength will always triumph over physical impairment


Ben McKie Co-founder Psyched
Billy Monger
Kathleen Saxton CEO & Founder The Lighthouse Company

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Event Type Seminar

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