The Big Data Reset

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The future of data-driven customer experience is uncertain. Not all consumers are on a journey towards a more open and expanded data economy. Such a disconnect between the demands and requirements for an optimised future data-enabled living and the stated beliefs of consumers, is a clear and present challenge facing brands, organisations and government across global markets.

The industry needs to reset consumer understanding and appreciation of data, so that risks can be mitigated without throwing away the many benefits the data world brings to society.

The session would be jointly hosted by Foresight Factory and Acxiom, with a panel of Marketing Directors from selected brands to discuss their views on our research and proposed need for a proactive industry initiative. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How can brands better encourage customers to share their personal information?
  2. How can industry build a long-term relationship of trust and responsibility with their customers?
  3. What future opportunities exist for brands in the data ecosystem of tomorrow?

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Josh McBain Director of Consultancy Foresight Factory
Jed Mole Chief Marketing Officer Acxiom

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Event Type Seminar

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