AWIcons: Rebranding An Icon: BBC Two

In this session...

BBC Two’s recent rebrand – its first in 25 years – was created in collaboration by BBC Creative, Superunion and over a dozen renowned digital artists and animators around the world, including The Mill, Future Deluxe, Aardman and Mainframe.

Each with their own creative freedom to reinterpret the ‘iconic curve’ and express their own ideas to give BBC Two a new, contemporary relevance.

Join Michael Lean, Head of Strategy, BBC, and Stuart Radford, Executive Creative Director, Superunion to take a look behind the screen, sharing the lessons learnt from one of the most significant rebrands in the industry to date.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to bring relevance to an iconic brand while staying true to its original spirit?
  2. Can brands be created through external artistic collaborations?
  3. Is it possible for an agency to work together with an in-house team and both be happy with the final outcome?

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Michael Lean Head of Brand Strategy BBC
Stuart Radford Executive Creative Director Superunion

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