AI and Innovation In Retail & Customer Experience

Wednesday, 20 March at 2:30 PM

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In this session...

A panel discussion about what works and what doesn't work when deploying innovation and AI solutions in the retail and customer experience industries. From CRM to bots and consumer platforms to brick and mortar where are the opportunities and where should we be cautious when updating approaches. Featuring a panel of leading senior executives from Fortune 500 companies and innovation leaders in the AI, advertising, media, and customer care industries.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What works and what doesn't work when deploying AI in an enterprise?
  2. How do you create meaningful change that makes a real impact?
  3. What research is important when deciding on a use case for technological change?
  4. What are some things to watch out for that could negatively impact innovation?

Presented with


Sally Burtt-Jones Senior Director, Business Development Rakuten Viber
Adam Powers Chief Experience Officer Tribal Worldwide
Neil Stubbings CRO IV.AI
Marek Wrobel Head of Media Futures Havas Media Group
Laura Visick Director of Innovation FCB Inferno

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