8:00 AM  ●  Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club News UK Leadership Breakfast: Algorithmic Angst and Advertiser Anger
feat. Gideon Spanier, Robert Thomson
9:00 AM  ●  Stage 3 Morning Mindfulness
feat. Ben McKie, Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, Kathleen Saxton, Maryam Banikarim, Pippa Glucklich, Roger Frampton, Roxanne Taylor, Afua Basoah, Derek Draper, Soraya Shaw, Sarah Wood
9:00 AM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph The Telegraph VC Power Breakfast Series
feat. Richard Anson, Jon Hook
9:15 AM  ●  IPA Stage The Indie’s Hold The Future
feat. Jessica Reznick, Katie Kempner, Dan Cullen-Shute, Jason Harris, Blake Harrop, Marc Nohr
9:15 AM  ●  Stage 1 Sorry. I didn’t mean to damage the brand, It was taken out of context
feat. Dan Coleman, Rob Bassett, Sir John Hegarty , Tony Holdway, Charlotte Moore, Jon Wilkins
9:15 AM  ●  The Guardian Stage Programmatic Video
feat. Erin "Mack" McKelvey, Andy Chandler, Alex Ong, Andrew Smith, Rich Raddon, Gavin Stirrat
9:30 AM  ●  Workshop Stage Live OTT - the advertising opportunity
feat. Léon Siotis, Bill Day, David Fisher, Aurelia Noel
9:30 AM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Liam Frey-Fright
9:45 AM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Andres Cardenas
10:00 AM  ●  IPA Stage Who Owns The Future?
feat. Helen McRae, Matt Bush, Paul Bainsfair, Paul Hammersley, Ben Wood
10:00 AM  ●  The Guardian Stage Post the ‘pivot to video’ moment: who’s winning and what's next?
feat. Christian Bennett, Alex Ayling, Lindsay Poulton, Devran Karaca, Fabio Ruffet
10:15 AM  ●  NewGen Stage AWE NewGen Boot Camp
feat. Anna Hill, Dan Ramsay, Mark Evans, Simon Michaelides, Dave Birss, Daryl Fielding, Chris Gorell Barnes, Sherilyn Shackell, Sarah Warby
10:15 AM  ●  Stage 1 Messaging Matters
feat. Amy Cole, Neil Stubbings, Erica Buckley, Carolijn Hauwert
10:15 AM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Jason Miller
10:30 AM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Kate Robertson
10:55 AM  ●  IPA Stage Advertising on Trial
feat. Claire Beale, Chris Hirst, Nils Leonard, Gemma Greaves, Tammy Smulders
10:55 AM  ●  The Guardian Stage Believe the Hype: Video Monetisation is Real
feat. Bill Day, Umar Nadat, Léon Siotis, Sherzod Rizaev
11:00 AM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Katie Kempner Perspectives featuring Ann Wixley
11:15 AM  ●  Stage 1 Advertising That Works For Everyone
feat. Matt Brittin, Sridhar Ramaswamy
11:35 AM  ●  IPA Stage Going Global 4.0
feat. Ronald Urbach, Charles Fallon, Karina Wilsher, Myles Peacock, Jason Harris
11:35 AM  ●  The Guardian Stage Designing a Future For How People Watch; Bring Your Big Ideas
feat. Ed Couchman , Camilla Harrisson, Alex Morris, Mark Syal
12:00 PM  ●  Stage 3 Curious Conversations: From Gen Alpha to Z: Understanding Tomorrow's Customers
feat. Anna Bassi, David Baddiel, Jim Chapman, Craig Donaghy, Emma Scott
12:00 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph The Workplace Revolution: Securing Growth in the Global Competition for Talent
feat. Sherry Coutu CBE, Harry de Quetteville
12:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 We Are All Equal
feat. Kate Waters, Tess Alps, Zaid Al-Qassab, Nicola Kemp, Sophie Walker, Liz Unna
12:25 PM  ●  IPA Stage Creativity Beyond The Walls
feat. Neil Waller, Mike Quyen, Rich McCor, Dominique Davis
12:30 PM  ●  Workshop Stage The Effectiveness of Partnerships
feat. Jane Christian, Steve Gladdis, Sarah Stallwood
12:45 PM  ●  Stage 3 Brand Britain
feat. Meabh Quoirin, Piers Newson-Smith, Simon Peaple, Harry de Quetteville, David Weeks, Stephen Woodford
1:00 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Streaming is the New Normal
feat. Fred Schonenberg, Eric Boyd, Jennie Dean, Michael Thomas, Simon Valcarcel
1:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 Formula 1 + Wieden+Kennedy: a New Era Unleashed
feat. Tony Davidson, Ellie Norman
1:30 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Creative Communities & Crowdsourcing
feat. Heather Deacon
1:30 PM  ●  Stage 3 Truth About Britain: A Decade of Change
feat. Luke Bigwood, Alex Lubar, Joan Hoey, Karen Crum, Dr Rodney Collins
1:35 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Field Garthwaite, Founder & CEO, IRIS.TV
1:45 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage How YouTube Works for Brands: Secrets to Effectiveness Success
feat. Alison Hoad, Will Whalley, Gaby Bell, John Tippins
1:50 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Stephen Molloy, CRO, Adludio
1:55 PM  ●  IPA Stage A Different Beast
feat. Dan Cullen-Shute
2:00 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Shanice Mears
2:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 Growth In A Changing World
feat. Christian Purser, Pilar Díaz González, Tricia Wilber
2:20 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Andrew Mendoza, CFO and CSO, InceptionVR
2:30 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Brand Experience Creation in Portugal
feat. Tiago Barquinha, Catarina Valença, Gonçalo Castel-Branco, Ana Campos Neto
2:30 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Bill Day
2:35 PM  ●  IPA Stage The Media Agency & Client Disconnect
feat. Di Bowden, Luke Bozeat, Tom Corbett, Neal Deeprose, Phil Smith, Gideon Spanier
2:35 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Redefining Content Frontiers
feat. Rob Bradley, Lesley Bailey, Chris Berend, Nick Lewis, Laura Wade
3:15 PM  ●  IPA Stage For the Culture
feat. Shannie Mears
3:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 What's Your Elephant In The Room?
feat. Gemma Greaves, Mark Evans, Rachel Eyre, Josh Krichefski, Nishma Robb
3:15 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Agency Production for All
feat. Andy Gulliman
3:20 PM  ●  IPA Stage The Consultants Cometh
feat. Daren Rubins, Dr Colin Light, Jon Wilkins, Russell Marsh, Debbie Vavangas
3:20 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Beyond the Talking Head
feat. Alex Cheeseman, Vicky Chen, Coco Masters, Jason Miller, Matt Wilson
3:30 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Startup Summit: Pitch Day 3
feat. Saalim Chowdhury, Chris Denson, Vince Lynch, Cat Wildman
3:30 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Budgets Are Shrinking But It Doesn't Mean You Can't Produce Award-Winning Ads
feat. Constantin Bjerke, Patrick Murphy
3:30 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage John Snyder
3:45 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Tiago Barquinha
4:00 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Dan Cullen-Shute
4:10 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Creative Production Services - Working with High Profile Talent
feat. Sarah Drummond, Marie Owen
4:15 PM  ●  IPA Stage How To Build A Long-Term Partnership In A Short-Term World
feat. Will Sansom, George Bryant, Inga Hlín Pálsdóttir, Paul Phillips, Kristján Schram
4:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 Phillip Schofield, Super Snapchatter
feat. Claire Valoti, Phillip Schofield
4:15 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Pushing Beyond the Three Second Rule
feat. Harvey Cossell, Florian Alt, Alistair Campbell, Emily Forbes, Jane Kinnaird
4:15 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Ruth Mortimer
4:30 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Abby Carvaso
4:45 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Andy Chandler
5:10 PM  ●  IPA Stage The Modern Marketing Model (M3)
feat. Ruth Mortimer, Colin Lewis, Sara Holt, Russell Parsons
5:10 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage What Brands Need to Understand about ESports
feat. Duncan McMonagle, Steve Ford, Yvonne Hobden, Benoit Pagotto
5:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 Women Who Change The Way We Eat
feat. Emma Freud, Rosie Birkett, Skye Gyngell, Christine Hayes, Asma Khan, Cathy Chapman
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