8:00 AM  ●  Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club Channel 4 Leadership Breakfast: Challenging the Digital Giants in a post-Brexit Europe
feat. Kate Bulkley, Paola Colombo, Jana Eisenstein, Julien Boyreau , Jonathan Lewis
9:00 AM  ●  Stage 3 Native Ad Forum
feat. Dan Greenberg, Dan Greenberg, Jess Davies, Ally Stuart, Dan Greenberg, Curt Larson, Ben Putley, Barbara Agus, Joseph Harake, Oliver Lewis, Lauren Dick, Ben Phillips, Rebekah Kennedy, Brandon Keenen, John Nardone, Melinda Staros, Alex Payne, Rhodri Evans , Joel Livesey, Graeme Hutcheson, Nikola Roberts, Amy Turner
9:00 AM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph The Telegraph VC Power Breakfast Series
feat. Alex Dunsdon, Henry Gladwyn
9:00 AM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph The Telegraph VC Power Breakfast Series
9:15 AM  ●  IPA Stage Truth Funded By Subscribers AND Advertisers
feat. Sebastian Tomich
9:15 AM  ●  The Guardian Stage Let us advertise!: taking the fear out of the GDPR (and ePrivacy Regulation)
feat. Jed Mole, Chris Combemale, Joachim Fauth
9:15 AM  ●  Stage 1 Breaking Barriers: Diversifying the Workplace
feat. June Sarpong MBE, David Shing
9:30 AM  ●  Workshop Stage The new Artificial Intelligence Game Show: Have we got AI for you!
feat. George Lamb, Joe Connors, Dayoán Daumont, Amy Inlow, Silvia Sparry, Theo Theodorou
10:00 AM  ●  NewGen Stage D&AD Impact
feat. Steve Vranakis
10:00 AM  ●  The Guardian Stage Targeting Fake News: Data and Democracy in a post-truth era
feat. Jonathan Freedland, Toni Cowan-Brown, Hossein Derakhshan, Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Dr Mariarosaria Taddeo
10:15 AM  ●  Stage 1 Bing: Intelligent Search
feat. Brian Kealy, Brooke Dibble
10:15 AM  ●  IPA Stage Brand Innovation: TOPMAN + CALM
feat. Andrew Brown, Jason Griffiths
10:30 AM  ●  Workshop Stage Shop the Feed: How Facebook is Shaping Social Shopping
feat. Andrew French, Chris Simpson, Kate Haynes, Luke Costley-White
10:45 AM  ●  NewGen Stage Digital Storytelling In The Age Of Bad News
feat. Daniel Fisher, Jonathan Lenson, Lianna Brinded, Daniel Wood
10:45 AM  ●  The Guardian Stage Data & Creativity Walk into a Pub...
feat. Erin "Mack" McKelvey, Finlay Clark, Cristina Constandache, Walter Geer, Richard Simkins
11:00 AM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Katie Kempner Perspectives featuring Rachel Forde
11:15 AM  ●  IPA Stage TOAD's Your Story, Our History Campaign for UK Houses of Parliament
feat. Jonathan M. Perelman, Beryl-Joan Bonsu, Daniel Clarke
11:15 AM  ●  Stage 1 It’s time to Speed up: Practicing Agile Marketing
feat. Mark Rabkin, Daniel Diez
11:30 AM  ●  NewGen Stage Let’s Save You & Advertising!
feat. Thomas Kolster
11:30 AM  ●  Workshop Stage Wallflowers at the Orgy
feat. Rachel Barnes, Seb Joseph, Stephen Lepitak, Russell Parsons, Branwell Johnson
11:30 AM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Katie Kempner Perspectives featuring Asma Khan
11:40 AM  ●  The Guardian Stage GDPR: How Premium Publishers Come Out Ahead
feat. Jennifer Baker, Jo Coombs, Jason Kint, Anthony Hitchings
12:00 PM  ●  Stage 3 Curious Conversations: Bitcoin is a threat to the world’s financial stability
feat. Merryn Somerset-Webb, Teana Baker-Taylor, Dominic Frisby, Alex Hern
12:15 PM  ●  IPA Stage From Conquest to Connection
feat. Rik Strubel
12:15 PM  ●  NewGen Stage Sex, Money and Spoilers - Think you know The Independent?
feat. Christian Broughton, Rachel Hosie, Christopher Hooton, Andrew Griffin, Olivia Petter
12:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 CNN Global Conversation
feat. Sir Martin Sorrell, Nina dos Santos
12:30 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Could this be Britain’s first trillion dollar company?
feat. Harry de Quetteville, Dr. Gordon Sanghera
12:30 PM  ●  Workshop Stage What Brand Safety Really Means for the Social Generation & How Brands Can Remain Vigilant
feat. David Brennan, Johan Boserup, Stéphane Coruble, Samantha Glynne, Cassandra Russell
12:55 PM  ●  Stage 3 Decoding Blockchain
feat. Anne Goodman, Jonathan Oliver, Ollie Southgate, Rupam Davé, Chris Hill, Adam Hopkinson, Mary Keane-Dawson, Mario Yiannacou
12:55 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage The Elephant in the Room: Why Data Quality Should Be Part of Every Conversation
feat. Andy Monfried, Yvonne O'Brien, Paul Gubbins, Chris Hogg, Terry Hornsby
1:00 PM  ●  NewGen Stage Can Purpose Actively "Super-charge" your Marketing?
feat. Helen Brain, Claire McAlpine, Pauline Robson
1:20 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Kim Clement, CTO, Unmanned Life
1:30 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Killer Paid Content Strategies
feat. Jonny Kaldor
1:45 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Taming the Wild West of Adtech: A Debate About How to Clean Up the Supply Chain
feat. Lara O'Reilly, Sacha Berlik, Martin Cass, Jason Fairchild, Dora Michail
1:45 PM  ●  NewGen Stage The creative execution of Trash Isles
feat. Stephen Mai
1:50 PM  ●  NewGen Stage NextGen: Conversations With
feat. Chaka Sobhani, Charlotte Prince, Loriley Sessions
1:50 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Ada Zhao, Founder & CEO, Curated Crowd
2:00 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Alexander Beutel
2:05 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Nicholas Oliver, Founder,
2:15 PM  ●  IPA Stage Back to the Future of Innovation
feat. Nicola Davies, Halie Ritterman
2:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 Helen Pankhurst in conversation with Lisa Smosarski, editor-in-chief
feat. Helen Pankhurst, Lisa Smosarski
2:15 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Oliver Lewis
2:20 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Thomas Samtmann , Co-Founder & CEO, Camtoy
2:30 PM  ●  NewGen Stage We Need To Talk About Neurodiversity
feat. Roxanne Hobbs, Wayne Deakin, Mark Evans, Pip Jamieson, Ali Hanan
2:30 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Tackling Influencer Fraud
feat. Nicola Kemp, Christie Dennehy-Neil, Greg Halfacre, Anthony Svirskis
2:30 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Chris Hogg
2:35 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Stay One Step Ahead Of Google With Intention & Behaviour Targeting
feat. Dr. Markus Düttmann, Liz Osterloh
2:45 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage James Prudhomme
2:50 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Moritz Engler, Co-founder, Inflight VR
3:00 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Dan Thwaites
3:10 PM  ●  IPA Stage A brand purpose for Lufthansa
feat. Alexander Beutel
3:15 PM  ●  IPA Stage Advertising: The Danish Way
feat. Yelena Gaufman, Ryan Newey, Liam Newton
3:15 PM  ●  NewGen Stage Reflecting Diversity in Creative Output
feat. Tanya Joseph, Sara Bennison, Sara Shahvisi, Maria Koutsoudakis
3:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 GLAMOUR Live
feat. Deborah Joseph, Jamal Edwards
3:15 PM  ●  Stage 3 For The Social Good: LADbible’s Approach To Meaningful Campaigns
feat. Cameron Clarke, Nicholas Cornbleet, Arian Kalantari, Sarah Roberts, Josh Sanderson-Kirk
3:15 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Jed Mole
3:20 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage If You Can Predict Your Customer's Future, What Will it Mean for Marketers?
feat. Andy Chandler, Toccara Baker, Mick Loizou, James Prudhomme
3:30 PM  ●  Workshop Stage Diversity is Key: Can Brands Unlock Positive Change in the Film and TV Industry?
feat. Li Lai, Ramy El-Bergamy, Corrina Antrobus, Joanna Abeyie, Ellie Davidson
3:30 PM  ●  TechX presented by The Telegraph Startup Summit: Pitch Day 2
feat. Nicola Bond, Lizzy Dale, Cat Wildman
3:30 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Stefan M
3:45 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Anthony Svirskis
4:00 PM  ●  NewGen Stage Turning Dead Media into a Powerful Force For Good
feat. Rebecca Eaves, Becky Power, Stephen Robertson
4:00 PM  ●  Stage 3 Vertical Series: FinTech
feat. Jason Karaian, Ogochukwu Ekezie-Ekaidem
4:00 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Nick Morley
4:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 Why f**k ups are Fundamental for Creative Futures
feat. Caroline Pay, Vicki Maguire
4:15 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Putting the Consumer First with GDPR
feat. Matthias Matthiesen, Wilfried Schobeiri
4:15 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Thom Arkestaal
4:30 PM  ●  Workshop Stage The Radical Transformation of F1
feat. Suki Thompson , Sean Bratches
4:30 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Aaron McGrath
4:45 PM  ●  AW360 Live Stage Peter Heneghan
5:00 PM  ●  NewGen Stage Sir John Hegarty in Conversation
feat. Jonathan Akwue, Sir John Hegarty
5:15 PM  ●  IPA Stage Challenger Brands Should Challenge The Role Of Media Agencies
feat. Issah Abdul-Moomin, Charlotte Frost, Joanna Lyall, Laura Woodhead, Alice ter Haar, Hannah Blake
5:15 PM  ●  Stage 1 Dynamo & Outdoor Plus Present : The Magic of Outdoor
feat. Helen Weisinger, Dynamo , Nick Einhorn
5:15 PM  ●  The Guardian Stage Masters of Measurement
feat. Erin "Mack" McKelvey, Beth Carlson, Kathy Dykeman, Dennis Ellis, Nick Morley, Alex Timbs
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