10:00 AM  ●  IPA Stage Top Of Your Game: Sport On Instagram
feat. Sunil Singhvi, Russell Stopford, Nick Lewis
11:35 AM  ●  IPA Stage Secrets of Producing Best Value TV commercials
feat. Steve Davies, James Bland, Jani Guest, Rupert Reynolds-Maclean
12:25 PM  ●  IPA Stage Targeted TV
feat. Thomas Bremond, Barry John, Josep Mitjà, Jakob Nielsen
1:55 PM  ●  IPA Stage Insights from the World's Most Passionate Audience: Football Fans
feat. James Anderson, Andres Cardenas, Stephen Hutchinson, Joel Seymour-Hyde
2:35 PM  ●  IPA Stage The Royal Rumble
feat. Jonathan M. Perelman, Nick Hurrell, Duncan McMonagle, Sophie Robinson
3:15 PM  ●  IPA Stage The Rise of the Chief Production Officer
feat. Clare Donald
3:20 PM  ●  IPA Stage Improve Your Score: What's Next in Sports Marketing?
feat. Antony Marcou, Matthew Baxter, Sally Burtt-Jones, Chris Ricketts, Sarah Dawson
4:15 PM  ●  IPA Stage Experiential Marketing: The most powerful brand building tool in your arsenal
feat. Katie Kempner, Jessica Reznick, Raquel Bubar, Charles Spence
5:05 PM  ●  IPA Stage Masters of Monetising Content
feat. Ruth Mortimer, Kristin Cardwell, Kevin McGurn, Stefan Mölling, Kate Slesinger
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