9:15 AM  ●  Stage 3 Business & Creativity Academy
feat. Daniele Fiandaca, Hannah Mirza, James Wildman, Karen Stacey, Liz Rutgersson, Stuart Flint, James Brown, Nadya Powell, Sue Unerman, Tony Foggett, Jim Kelly, Mark Earls, Scott Morrison, Emma Perkins, Victoria White
12:00 PM  ●  Stage 3 Curious Conversations: The Global Crisis of Trust
feat. Kerin O'Connor, Bobby Duffy, Dara Nasr, Carol Potter
1:20 PM  ●  Stage 3 66 Days to GDPR: Preparing for GDPR & Examining its Potential Impacts
feat. James Fenelon, Doug McPherson, Rebecca Stewart
2:00 PM  ●  Stage 3 What Ken Fawes Taught Us
feat. Jon Mew, Christie Dennehy-Neil, Martin Galvin, Nick Hewat
2:35 PM  ●  Stage 3 Brand Safety: How do we all Change Advertising for Good?
feat. Steve Wing, Phil Duffield, Susan Hansford, Ben Walmsley, Charlie Glyn
3:30 PM  ●  Stage 3 Vertical Series: Retail
feat. Bill Fisher, Lisa Campbell, Nic Jones, Andrew Darby, Kate Newton, Vicki Maguire, Andrew French, Cave Ellson, Claire Heys, Rob Weston, Stephanie Osiol
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