10:15 AM  ●  Shutterstock Stage CNBC View From The Top
feat. Carolin Roth, Mark Eaves, Rachel Forde, Paul Frampton, Karen Stacey
11:00 AM  ●  Shutterstock Stage Risky Business? The Art Of Reinvention
feat. Kathleen Saxton, Anna Jones, Reverend Richard Coles, Kate Thornton
11:45 AM  ●  Shutterstock Stage Campaign Media Roundtable
feat. Gideon Spanier, Catherine Becker, Jason Gonsalves, Nick Hurrell, Iain Jacob
12:30 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage Mental Strength Through Military Training
feat. John Allison MSc, MA, FRGS
2:15 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage AdvertisingSOWhite: Seeing Is Believing
feat. Nishma Robb, Marie-Claire Barker, Bejay Mulenga, Nadya Powell, Richard Robinson
3:00 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage Mental Manifestos: Presented by Psyched
feat. Ben McKie, Oliver James, Hussain Manawer, Kathleen Saxton
3:45 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage Bloomberg EU Summit
feat. Alex Wisch, William Eccleshare, Mark Howe, Nigel Morris, Phil Stokes
4:30 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage Visual Brand Responsibility In An Increasingly Xenophobic World
feat. Nick Flynn, Misa von Tunzelman, Nathaniel Hill, Simone Moessinger
5:15 PM  ●  Shutterstock Stage Confessions Of A Perfumed Ponce*: A Conversation with Richard E Grant
feat. Richard E Grant, Trish Halpin
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